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Do mail us at least one of your best written article of about 500-700 words, on any topic related to Arts/Literature, (published/unpublished). Please fill this COMPLETE form and mail it back at escribespublications@yahoo.com.

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The 'features' or Editorial section of Dhvani. Let's begin by saying Dhvani is an anti-blog. But by that we do not mean that you get into writing reproduced copy-pasted literary theories from popular criticism books, that is so not the intention. The article essentially should be a new perspective on any topic and should certainly be exploited to show your maximum creativity. The write-up (word limit 500-700) could be an analytical piece on any concept (humour, mythology, comparing other literary traditions, non-commercial Hindi cinema, genres in writing, meaning you can write about any topic under the ‘literary’ sun). Hence do use the freedom to show how deservedly well you can use the poetic licence.

Opinion expressed on Softboard is entirely that of the writer and not of the publication. The copyright to all articles published with bylines lies with the writer. Authenticity of these articles is entirely the contributor’s responsibility. The copyright lies with the writer but we insist that you inform us before republishing the article or add the Dhvani link with the article.

Softboard Topics

This is a general outline regarding the topics. You are welcome to suggest more themes.

Send your files only as a Word document with Times New Roman font, size 12, single-spaced. And we insist that however confident you might be about your grammatical skills and spellings, do run a spelling and grammar check with English (UK) as your default language, before you send the final draft. Always keep coming to the Contributions page for reference and updates.

Regional Writing: Considering the diversity of our regional literature, you can send us an article on any Indian language and its dialects.

  • Poetry
  • Analysing an author's work.
  • Adaptation of books for films, theatre.
  • Performing Arts
  • Children’s Literature – Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Lullabies.
  • Literature gets tech-savvy.
  • Folk Literature
  • Mythology
  • Diasporic Writing
  • Translation

Our Author

Interviews: If you can bag an interview with the literary luminaries. It could be an interview, book reviews, on an Indian (English) writer. Only in exceptional cases, the writer could be a non-Indian (as complex as the term is). You can also send us audio-visual interviews.

Will I get paid?
The amount will be confirmed in the discussion and an email before the publishing of the article is confirmed. Remuneration can vary from person to person and article to article. It will depend entirely on the merit of the article.

Research: The site is currently expanding and the intention is to include other art forms like theatre, films, music and painting. Anyone willing to contribute on the research in these sections will be paid depending on the topic and how extensive the research turns up.

We are building our editorial team from our handpicked contributors. The essential attributes to qualify into the editorial team requires you to be proactive, very creative and it also depends on how clean (in terms of grammar, arrangement of ideas and eloquence,) your copy comes to us every time.


Thank you your interest in Dhvani. We have your CV saved in our database. We are a growing organisation and when the right projects come by we will definitely get in touch with you.